• IWMpost

    The magazine IWMpost reports on the activities of the Institute and offers original contributions by its fellows and guests. IWMpost is published three times a year and sent to subscribers free of charge.

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  • Transit

    Transit_Mann-2 copy
    Seit 1990 setzt sich die am IWM herausgegebene Zeitschrift Transit: Europäische Revue mit den neuen Herausforderungen für den alten Kontinent auseinander. Sie erscheint zwei Mal jährlich im Verlag Neue Kritik.

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  • Books

    The work of the IWM is reflected in a wide variety of publications. Many of them are available in print, others are published digitally and available online.
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  • IWM Lectures in Human Sciences

    Selected IWM Lectures in Human Sciences, launched in 2000, are published in English (Harvard University Press, Cambridge), German (Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin) and Polish (Kurhaus Publishers, Warsaw).
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  • Paul Celan Translation Program

    The Paul Celan Program supports the translation of works in the humanities and social sciences to overcome deficits in the reception of scholarly literature that resulted from the division of Europe in the 20th century.
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  • Junior Visiting Fellows’ Conferences

    Junior Fellows Conference
    The Junior Visiting Fellows regularly present their research projects in seminars. The final results are discussed at the Junior Fellows’ Conference at the end of each semester, and later published on the IWM website.
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