Films in Perspective

Occasionally, the IWM library turns into a cinema when movies directed by fellows or related to the Institute’s research areas are presented and discussed with the audience. In 2014, the IWM organized the Film Retrospective Past Continuous: Conflicting Historical Legacies in Contemporary East European Cinema at Blickle Kino, 21er Haus. Filmmakers throughout the post-socialist space have engaged in re-examining the past by focusing on issues of identity and otherness, and exploring the mechanisms of control and resistance.

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May 2017


Looks like Home

In May-June, the Ukrainian journalist and filmmaker Angelina Kariakina will be a Fellow of the Ukraine in European Dialogue program of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM). On this occasion, colabs, the media laboratory of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in cooperation with the IWM, will screen and discuss two new documentaries produced by …
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