18 Mar

Soviet Ukrainian Patriotism in Brezhnev`s Dnipropetrovsk

One of the biggest Soviet industrial centers, a city of more than a million people in southern Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk (today Dnipro), was closed to foreigners beginning in 1959 because of the secret rocket production in the city. It was also considered ‘Brezhnev’s city’ because the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union …
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14 Mar

Between Predation and Protection

Why, despite long-term and general declines in all forms of lethal violence, are some states and regions caught in an “insecurity trap”?  What are the processes and mechanisms that facilitated the emergence of pacific states in the 19th and 20th century, and where (and why) do these conditions not hold today? The talk will explore …
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11 Mar

Statelessness in South Asia

The lecture examines the entanglements of citizenship policies and practices with the spread of statelessness today. It discusses the genesis of the Rohingya question in Myanmar in the broader context of citizenship registration drives in some postcolonial countries, which render massive number of “illegal immigrants” stateless. Current citizenship policies in these countries reflect the desire …
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04 Mar

How Does Scholarship Persuade?

In this talk, I will identify as one of the main sources of authority in a scholarly argument an implicit–or, in some cases, explicit–conversion narrative.  This narrative, in which the scholar confronts evidence that compels him or her to a conclusion very different from the expected one, is at the core of scholarship as such, and …
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26 Feb

Changing Politics and Geopolitics

President Trump has now survived his first test as US President and, barring serious findings from the Mueller Inquiry, he will run for a second term with reasonable prospects of winning.  Like him or not, he is set to be the most consequential president for fifty years.  An assessment of the implications of a return …
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25 Feb

Democracy and Conspiracy

We live in an age of both informational excess and epistemic poverty. More sources of knowledge than ever are accessible to an ever greater number of people, but this accessibility has created an environment in which manipulation, propaganda, neurotic scrutiny and mild paranoia flourish. Drawing on research about conspiracy theories and their communities, this talk …
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18 Feb

Real Existing Post-Socialism

In the colloquium Muriel Blaive will outline her book project on memory politics in the Czech Republic. She will especially ponder on the conflation between memory and commemoration, research and activism, history and politics. The talk will broach five aspects: 1) the totalitarian paradigm adapted to the post-1989 Czech terrain; 2) an epistemology of the …
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12 Feb

Svätopluk Mikyta: Die Monochrome. Überdenken der Vergangenheit, Interpretation der Gegenwart

In Kooperation mit dem Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen zeigt die Knoll Galerie Wien in den Räumlichkeiten des IWM eine Werkauswahl des slowakischen Künstlers Svätopluk Mikyta aus seiner Serie „Die Monochrome“. Svätopluk Mikyta wurde in 1973 in der Slowakei geboren. Er hat auf der Akademie der Bildenden Künste und Design in Bratislava und auf …
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12 Feb

Aid in Times of Crisis, the Crisis of Aid

Aid is still regarded as an important instrument for human development, nationally and internationally. Yet, the nature of aid, its structuring and implementation has changed considerably in recent years. It has been increasingly integrated into the financial and economic system, giving rise to a thriving new industry dealing in „social bonds“ and „social business“, thus …
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11 Feb

Modern Cruelty

This lecture is part of a research project which is focused on discourses on cruelty that means on a form of an organized speech that legitimates cruelty as a positive or at least as an unavoidable element of life and is essential for male identity. It is connected with a ‘realism’ arguing that cruelty is …
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