13 Dec

The Transformation of Foreign Policy

Glass globe on a chessboard
The study of foreign policy is usually concerned with the interaction of states, which date back to the so-called “Westphalian system,” also the time at which modern “foreign policy” vocabulary was invented. Given the close semantic ties between the two, examining foreign policy in earlier as well as in later periods involves conceptual and terminological …
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24 Nov

Escaping the Trap of Radicalism

This Political Salon will address the issue of radicalism in the context of European modernity as well as in light of the current crises engulfing the European Union. It makes the case for a new politics of moderation to safeguard an open and tolerant Central Europe as a key element of rebuilding the European project …
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16 Nov

New European Orientalism

The Influx of refugees into Europe surged at the moment when political and cultural divisions between Eastern and Western Europe seemed to be gradually disappear and many Western commentators described countries of the Visegrad Group as rare examples of successful democratic transitions. These assessments were suddenly called into question by the reluctance of East-Central European …
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14 Nov

Aesthetics of Terror and Terror of Aesthetics

Aesthetics deals with the nature of beauty which, as Dostoevsky asserted, will save the world. However, in the 20th century, beauty was used by the most barbaric and repressive regimes, be it in Stalin’s Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or Franco’s Spain. In the transition to Modern times aesthetics replaced theology and beauty lost its …
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14 Nov

Parallel Films by Blue Noses

IWM’s current poster exhibition “Parallel Films” by the contemporary Russian provocateur art group Blue Noses will be concluded with a short video presentation of selected works in the IWM library. Known for their striking video and performance work, the Blue Noses Group explores the images and cliches of Russian culture and tradition, parodizing and criticizing …
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09 Nov

Of What is Global Health the Symptom

Ebola warning in African village
We are sorry to inform you that this lecture had to be cancelled! Thank you for your understanding! This lecture articulates a conceptual architecture to account for global health as emerging planetary infrastructure and as epistemological form. Drawing on fieldwork in the recent West African Ebola epidemic, vaccination campaigns in its wake, and global telemedicine …
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20 Oct

Transcendence and Self-Transcendence

In this workshop we will investigate the relationships between traditional concepts of transcendence and immanence, with a special emphasis on the role of self-transcendence at their interface.  The workshop will address the following questions: How do the semantics of religious systems of knowledge relate human practices of self-transcendence to their central “tales of transcendence”? What …
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19 Oct

The Kremlin’s Game

The Kremlin’s resources are shrinking. Its system of personalized power can’t respond to the many challenges that are piling up. But political technology and blackmail tactics still succeed in keeping Russian society paralyzed and the world intimidated. How long will this last? Lilia Shevtsova is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Program in …
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13 Oct

Citizens in Europe

This interdisciplinary collection of essays by a constitutionalist and a political sociologist examines how fragmented societies can be held together by appropriate and effective constitutional arrangements providing for bonds of democratic citizenship. Exploring the political order dilemmas of capitalist democracies, the authors address moral and institutional prerequisites on which the deepening of European integration depends. …
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10 Oct

Poland, Ukraine, Russia:
Difficult Past, Uncertain Future

In December 2015 Adam D. Rotfeld resigned as co-chairman of the Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters, a position which he held for 8 years. What were the achievements and the failures of the Group? Is there a return to an open discussion between Poland and Russia about their difficult past and uncertain future? Can and should …
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