12 Dec

Rebuilding the Hungarian Right through Civil Organization and Contention

Starting in 2010, the Fidesz party achieved in a row six (partly landslide) victories at municipal, national, and European Parliament elections. Not questioning other explanations, my ongoing research traces the remarkable resilience of the ruling party above all to earlier “tectonic” shifts in civil society, which helped the Right accumulate ample social capital well before …
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30 Nov

Eine kurze Geschichte meiner Philosophie

Gespräch mit Ágnes Heller anlässlich ihres neuen Buches „Eine kurze Geschichte meiner Philosophie“. In diesem Buch folgt sie ihrem eigenen Werdegang und erinnert sich an Meilensteine und Wendepunkte ihrer Entwicklung – geprägt von entschlossener Zuversicht auch unter schwierigsten äußeren Bedingungen. Es ist ein Buch über Zivilcourage, eine Schule der Mündigkeit besonderer Art.     Ágnes …
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27 Nov

After Europe

Can democratic institutions be transformed to serve exclusionary ends? Why has the ongoing refugee crisis transformed the politics of Central and Eastern European states—despite the fact that these countries host virtually no migrants? And what do demographic and generational changes mean for the liberal consensus that emerged in the wake of communism’s fall? In this …
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23 Nov

Multiple Modernen und die Dynamik der transnationalen Öffentlichkeit

Die Geschichte wird von den Siegern geschrieben, verkündete Winston Churchill einst. Die Geschichte könnte aber auch von den Verlierern erkannt und vielleicht sogar geschrieben werden, wie wir den Spätschriften Walter Benjamins entnehmen können. Bei vielen kontroversen Großprojekten, wie der Trans-Alaska-Pipeline oder Stuttgart 21, werden Stimmen des Protests schnell zum Verstummen gebracht – Protestierende erscheinen somit …
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09 Nov

Too Much Loyalty?

For centuries, elites and intellectuals alike have debated any number of questions about democracy: whether or not it should be instituted as a system of rule; whether it should or should not be extended; and, particularly in the last few decades, both how it can be given new vitality and how it can be protected …
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05 Nov

The Tyranny of Greece over Germany

Alex Soros reconsiders the brilliant yet largely overlooked 1935 book by Eliza Marian Butler, The Tyranny of Greece over Germany. Butler analyzes the obsession of German enlightenment and Romantic writers and poets with Greek art as the highest possible standard. Starting with the account of the classical antique statue Laocoön by J. J. Winckelmann, the …
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19 Oct

Targeted Sanctions

International sanctions have become the instrument of choice for policy-makers dealing with a variety of different challenges to international peace and security. This is the first comprehensive and systematic analysis of all the targeted sanctions regimes imposed by the United Nations since the end of the Cold War. Drawing on the collaboration of more than …
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17 Oct

Constitutional and Political Theory

Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde is one of Europe’s foremost legal scholars and political thinkers. As a scholar of constitutional law, Böckenförde has been a major contributor to post-war German legal and political theory, especially to the conceptual framework with which the modern state and its presuppositions ought to be conceived. His writings have consistently shaped not only academic …
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16 Oct

Mute Avant-garde

Throughout the 1920s, the Ukrainian film production industry was one of the largest in Europe, and the liberal policies of VUFKU (the All-Ukrainian Film Administration, which was in charge of the film industry) helped entice not only specialists from Germany and Turkey, but also Russian film directors who had already fallen out of favor at …
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13 Oct

Ukrainian History as World History: 1917-2017

The main theme of European history in the 20th Century is the transition from empire to integration. Ukraine is the country whose experiences bring together European and global themes that allow us to see this process. 1917 is the year to begin – the anti-colonial revolution that was also a colonial revolution. Timothy Snyder is …
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