13 Dec

The Transformation of Foreign Policy

Glass globe on a chessboard
The study of foreign policy is usually concerned with the interaction of states, which date back to the so-called “Westphalian system,” also the time at which modern “foreign policy” vocabulary was invented. Given the close semantic ties between the two, examining foreign policy in earlier as well as in later periods involves conceptual and terminological …
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09 Nov

Of What is Global Health the Symptom

Ebola warning in African village
This lecture articulates a conceptual architecture to account for global health as emerging planetary infrastructure and as epistemological form. Drawing on fieldwork in the recent West African Ebola epidemic, vaccination campaigns in its wake, and global telemedicine it explores three theoretical designs.   The first draws on Foucault’s Birth of the Clinic to explore how the …
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19 Oct

The Kremlin’s Game

The Kremlin’s resources are shrinking. Its system of personalized power can’t respond to the many challenges that are piling up. But political technology and blackmail tactics still succeed in keeping Russian society paralyzed and the world intimidated. How long will this last? Lilia Shevtsova is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Program in …
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13 Oct

Citizens in Europe

This interdisciplinary collection of essays by a constitutionalist and a political sociologist examines how fragmented societies can be held together by appropriate and effective constitutional arrangements providing for bonds of democratic citizenship. Exploring the political order dilemmas of capitalist democracies, the authors address moral and institutional prerequisites on which the deepening of European integration depends. …
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10 Oct

Poland, Ukraine, Russia:
Difficult Past, Uncertain Future

In December 2015 Adam D. Rotfeld resigned as co-chairman of the Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters, a position which he held for 8 years. What were the achievements and the failures of the Group? Is there a return to an open discussion between Poland and Russia about their difficult past and uncertain future? Can and should …
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06 Oct

“…there is no logical passage.”

What can we learn from Leszek Kołakowski about the passage between Self and World if there is no logical one? In answering this, we should follow his path to consider the “pursuit of truth as distinct from the pursuit of a technically reliable knowledge”.  Since for the author of God Owes Us Nothing the negation …
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03 Oct

The Age of Questions

Too Many Questions. Pile of colorful paper notes with question marks. Closeup.
In the first half of the 19th century, a new kind of question came into being. The Eastern, Jewish, woman, labour (worker), and Polish questions were born, along with many others. Over the course of the next century, these would be conglomerated into still bigger ones—the European, nationality, social, and agrarian questions—even as they fractured …
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28 Sep

The Subject and the Square

The presentation is aimed at mapping the basic political intentions and purposes of The School of Kyiv – Kyiv Biennial 2015, placing them in the context of the Maidan revolution and rooting them in the development of institutional strategies in the cultural field in Ukraine. Posing the fundamental questions of subjectivity, public space, social form, and …
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29 Jun

Cancelled!" rel="bookmark"> Future in the Past? – Cancelled!

Eugen Stancu is Associate Professor at the University of Bucharest and Executive Director of Eurocentrica. Currently he is a Visiting Fellow at the IWM. Cancelled! Print
28 Jun

Experiments in Justice

This talk analyses the interactions between transnational liberal understandings of “the Rule of Law” and local non-state justice institutions in Bangladesh. Focussing on one specific project run by international donor agencies that aim at activating village courts in Bangladesh, I develop a critique of both top-down and bottom-up accounts of the diffusion of norms and …
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