12 Dec

Rebuilding the Hungarian Right through Civil Organization and Contention

Starting in 2010, the Fidesz party achieved in a row six (partly landslide) victories at municipal, national, and European Parliament elections. Not questioning other explanations, my ongoing research traces the remarkable resilience of the ruling party above all to earlier “tectonic” shifts in civil society, which helped the Right accumulate ample social capital well before …
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19 Oct

Targeted Sanctions

International sanctions have become the instrument of choice for policy-makers dealing with a variety of different challenges to international peace and security. This is the first comprehensive and systematic analysis of all the targeted sanctions regimes imposed by the United Nations since the end of the Cold War. Drawing on the collaboration of more than …
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10 Oct


Through a masterly and cynical manipulation of ethnic nationalism, and deep-rooted corruption, Prime Minister Orbán has exploited successive electoral victories to build a closely knit and superrich oligarchy. More than any other EU leader, he wields undisputed power over his people. Orbán’s ambitions are far-reaching. Hailed by governments and far-right politicians as the champion of …
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09 Oct

A Future for Europe?

We are living in times of individual, political, economic and societal uncertainty. Europe is confronted with an unprecedented crisis, an internal self-questioning of the project itself manifested by the rise of nationalism and populism, coupled with external challenges of the wave refugees, the crisis in the Middle East and Russia. Brexit and Trump, the democratic …
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20 Sep

Turkey and Russia in the New Global (Dis)Order

What we witness today is the unraveling of the post-Cold War international order, and both Russia and Turkey play a major role in this process. But what do Moscow and Ankara want? What new order do they dream of? Is the same dream shared by both? What defines their foreign policy – the nature of …
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14 Sep

Cancelled!" rel="bookmark"> Human Rights and Democracy – Cancelled!

The Monthly Lecture has had to be cancelled! We appreciate your understanding! The complex relation of human rights and democracy is a burning issue in political philosophy. Attempts at foundation range from the priority of one over the other, or their being equiprimordial. Reflecting on an inherent relation of human rights and democracy, the lecture …
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11 Sep

“For example!”

A conversation on the relationship of text and photography, and the representations of war and history in an Ukrainian city. Yevgenia Belorusets is an artist and writer who lives and works in Kiev and Berlin. She is a founder of  Prostory, a Ukrainian journal for literature, art and politics, and has been a member of the …
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28 Jun

Junior Fellows’ Workshop

Gender, Class, and National Identities 10.00-10.40 Ekaterina Borozdina All Shades of ‘Natural’: Defining Natural Childbirth and Midwifery Profession in Russia Discussant: Reka Kinga Papp 10.40-11.20 Chiara Bonfiglioli The ‘Working Mother’ Gender Contract in Socialist Yugoslavia and Its Ambivalences Discussant: Goran Musić *** Coffee break 11.20- 11.40 *** 11.40-12.20 Wiktor Marzec Performing and Remembering Nationalist Workers’ …
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22 Jun

Truth in Times of War—and the New War on Truth

  It has become a commonplace that we live in a “post-truth” era. Is “post-truth” just another chapter in the long history of propaganda, or does it represent a new phenomenon? What we currently observe in public discourse is indeed a tendency to dismiss the very difference between true and false, fact and fiction – …
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21 Jun

The Socialist University

In Eastern Europe postwar changes paved the way for the building of a socialistic university, something seen as one of many possible solutions to a rising need for university reform and education for the working classes. My research does not only address how we think about a particular university, or even universities in general in …
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