Faces of Eastern Europe

In the seminar series Faces of Eastern Europe, fellows and guests discuss issues connected to the economies, politics and societies of Eastern Europe in an interdisciplinary, comparative perspective.


June 2017


The Socialist University

In Eastern Europe postwar changes paved the way for the building of a socialistic university, something seen as one of many possible solutions to a rising need for university reform and education for the working classes. My research does not only address how we think about a particular university, or even universities in general in …
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May 2017


Grabbed by the Pussy

Despite the moral justifications voiced by medical professionals, obstetrics was and still is designed in a biopolitically driven fashion that conquers its subjects hospitalization,discipline regimes and a variety of legal ties. This condition is rooted in the three centuries of history of obstetrics in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and has a lot to do with the …
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April 2017


What’s ‘New’ About the ‘New Authoritarians’?

The autocrat of the mid-20th century was a strict and demanding father out to shape you into an ideal. He wanted you to modernize, learn self-discipline and, above all, self-sacrifice. Today’s authoritarians, by contrast, expect very little of their “children.” They do not seek to transform their subjects or mould them into an ideal. What happened? …
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March 2017


The Transnational and the Local

In my paper, I am going to discuss some findings of my current research project, entitled “Transnational Nationalism,” which studies transnational exchanges among various radical right-wing/nationalist groups maintaining distinct, and at times mutually exclusive, aims and interests. Focusing on both nationalist groups’ cooperation across Europe and their engagement “on the ground,” my paper seeks to …
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February 2017


The Moral Atmosphere in Eastern Europe

The curious contrast between the conflation of anti-market feelings and anti-welfare passion, a hatred for egalitarian-redistributive policies and a comparable hatred for a reduction of state regulation: what does it mean for the ideological character of the region in the near future? ‘Welfare state for the white middle class’ and for no one else? A …
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January 2017


From Theresienstadt to Santa Teresa

How does literature of our time confronts the ultimate traumas of Modernity and Postmodernity, those things that deny any expression, that occur in bleak spaces before the words and beyond the words? This parallel reading of Austerlitz (2001), Sebald’s last novel, and 2666, Bolano’s posthumously published grand narrative (2004), will trace the ways in which …
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