Keynote Speeches

October 2016


“…there is no logical passage.”

What can we learn from Leszek Kołakowski about the passage between Self and World if there is no logical one? In answering this, we should follow his path to consider the “pursuit of truth as distinct from the pursuit of a technically reliable knowledge”.  Since for the author of God Owes Us Nothing the negation …
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June 2016


The Ancient is the Modern

An important Russian justification for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the idea that Ukraine was a recent, or divided, or artificial state. Yet the very people who make these claims present Russian history in a way that suggest deep anxieties about its continuities. In his lecture Timothy Snyder considered the possibility that a troubling question …
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April 2016


Solidarity & Capitalism: Is Solidarity Just a Dream in a Reified Society?

Budapest, 2005. november 18.
Tamás Gáspár Miklós filozófus.
MTI Fotó: Nándorfi Máté
One of the most enduring topoi of political philosophy is that particular interests and passions, combined with ignorance, are the major obstacles in the way of a rational ordering of public affairs. The whole idea is inspired by the hypothesis that passions are necessarily selfish and that reason is not. The assumption that there are …
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