Keynote Speeches

May 2018


The Polysemy of ‘Religion’

 What people mean by religion covers a wide spectrum: not only because of the differences between different faiths, but also because the category “religion” is hard to separate from that of “culture”, and is also related to what we often call “identity”. The co-existence of different religions and/or understandings of religion takes many different …
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March 2018


The ‘8s’ in Czecho-Slovak 20th Century History as European Turning Points

The year 2018 calls upon us to revisit the iconic moments of Czech, or better: Czechoslovak, history. One has often noted the outstanding meaning of the momentous 8: the national independence and formation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, the Munich Agreement of 1938 , the seizing of complete power by the Communist Party in …
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