The Moral Atmosphere in Eastern Europe

Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, IWM library
The curious contrast between the conflation of anti-market feelings and anti-welfare passion, a hatred for egalitarian-redistributive policies and a comparable hatred for a reduction of state regulation: what does it mean for the ideological character of the region in the near future? ‘Welfare state for the white middle class’ and for no one else? A strong state with a business soul? Criminalisation of poverty? Overt racism and misogyny? Militarism and police state? Or some new beginning difficult to predict or formulate?

G. M. Tamás is a Hungarian philosopher and public intellectual. Currently he is a Visiting Fellow at the IWM. His book Kommunismus nach 1989. Beiträge zu Klassentheorie, Realsozialismus und Osteuropa was published by Mandelbaum in 2015.

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