Conferences & Workshops

The IWM frequently organizes international conferences and workshops related to the Institute’s research interests.

Upcoming Workshop:

December 3, 2016, 10:00 am – 06:30 pm
ERC Mentoring Initiative

Previous ERC Mentoring Initiatives:

  • ERC Mentoring Initiative, Juni 11 – 12, 2016
  • ERC Mentoring Initiative, Februar 27 – 28, 2016
  • ERC Mentoring Initiative, November 28 – 29, 2015

In cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences – Scientific Centre in Vienna


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Among the conferences of recent years were:

Conferences ‘On Solidarity’:

  • Mobilizing the Commons, 2016 [Program]
  • The Issue of Distribution, 2015 [Program / Report]
  • Inequality and Social Solidarity, 2013 [Program]
  • The Character of the Public, 2012 [Program]
  • Social Solidarity, Democracy and the Media, 2010 [Program]
  • Solidarity and Crisis, 2009
  • Isolation, 2008
  • Enlarging Solidarity – Cultural Differences and Institutional Adjustments, 2007
  • Cultural and Political Conditions for the Reform of Social Models in Europe and the U.S., 2006
  • Values and Social Policy, 2005

Threats to Scholarly Knowledge

  • Threats to Scholarly Knowledge, 2014 [Program]

Modes of Secularism and Religious Responses

  • Modes of Secularism and Religious Responses VI, 2014 [Program]
  • Modes of Secularism and Religious Responses V, 2013 [Program]
  • Modes of Secularism and Religious Responses IV, 2012 [Program]
  • Modes of Secularism and Religious Responses III, 2011 [Program]

Between Bukharin and Balcerowicz: The History of Economic Thought Under Communism


  • Cultural Attributes of Decent Work in Europe, 2013 [Program]

HUNGARY 2015: Mapping the “System of National Cooperation”

The Philosophical Work of Jan Patočka

  • Human Existence as Movement – Patocka’s Existential Phenomenology and Its Political Dimension, 2014 [Program]

The Political Logics of DisIntegration

  • The Balkans as Europe II, 1878 – 1914, 2014 [Program]
  • The Habsburg and the Yugoslav Experiences, October 2012 [Program]
  • The Soviet Experience, January 2012 [Program]

Beyond Myth and Enlightenment

  • Phenomenological Reconsiderations of Religion, 2012 [Program]

Junior Visiting Fellows’ Conferences


June 2016


No Laughing Matter

Ivan Krastev_Steven Lukes_IWM
For his book No Laughing Matter, British sociologist Steven Lukes collected over 600 political jokes from all over the world. He will try out the best of these on a Viennese audience on 6 June at Kabarett Vindobona, aided and abetted by political scientist Ivan Krastev, who will explain some of the jokes’ historical background, …
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