Ukraine, Russia and the Future of the West

The object of this project is the production of the manuscript of a short and accessible book on the recent events and ongoing war in Ukraine, meant as a guide to possible policy reactions and as an inquiry into the state of American and European public discourse as well as a description of the place of Ukraine in the contemporary world.
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Ukraine in European Dialogue

Understanding Ukraine and the nature of the current conflict with Russia is vital for the future of the European endeavor. The new project Ukraine in European Dialogue seeks to contribute to this exchange.
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Re-thinking Europe in a Post-European Age

“Europe” is a key concept in Patocka’s writings. This project, launched in 2015, will focus on the philosophical idea of Europe and its meaning in today’s globalized (post-European) world.
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Between Bukharin and Balcerowicz:
A Comparative History of Economic Thought under Communism

In April 2014, the IWM launched a long-term comparative research project on the history of economic ideas in nine communist countries: Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, GDR, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.
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The Balkans as Europe

A current project within the research focus United Europe – Divided History, “The Balkans as Europe,” takes a new approach to understanding the history of the Balkans and, in turn, Europe as a whole. This project places the Balkans at the center of European developments, not as a conflict-ridden problem zone, but rather as a full-fledged European region.
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Russia in Global Dialogue

There is an urgent need for re-engagement between the Russian debate on the global future and European debate on the choices that Russia faces. With Russia’s recent return to power politics and the fears of a new Cold War, this need is even more acute.
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