Graduate Institute Fellowships

The joint fellowship programme of the Graduate Institute in Geneva and the IWM supports PhD students and young doctoral graduates who would like to pursue research as Junior Visiting Fellows at the IWM.
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Hebrew University Fellowships

The European Forum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the IWM jointly award a six-month Junior Visiting Fellowship to PhD candidates in the humanities or social sciences.
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Jan Patočka Fellowships

This fellowship program is dedicated to commemorate Jan Patočka’s name and work. It aims to foster groundbreaking research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The fellowships enable Czech researchers to work on a project of their own choice.
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Józef Tischner Fellowships
for Polish and Polish-American Scholars

In memoriam Józef Tischner, founding President of the IWM, fellowships are awarded to junior researchers from Poland and young Polish-American scholars.
Deadline: August 15, 2018
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Junior Fellowship for Scholars from Ukraine

This program supports research on the intellectual, cultural, social and political legacies of Europe in the history of Ukraine. Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from Ukraine are eligible to apply.
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Krzysztof Michalski Fellowships

In memory and honor of its founding Rector, Krzysztof Michalski, the IWM has established a new fellowship program consisting of one senior and two junior positions in the fields of continental philosophy or religion.
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Milena Jesenská Fellowships for Journalists

This program offers experienced journalists time off from their professional duties in order to pursue in-depth research on a topic of their choice, which addresses issues of European relevance.
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ÖAW Fellowships

Each year several PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers who have been selected by the DOC, DOC-team and APART programs of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) are offered research residencies at the IWM.
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Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators

The Paul Celan Fellowships support East-West, West-East and East-East translations of canonical texts as well as contemporary key works in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies.
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Russia in Global Dialogue Fellowships

Russia in Global Dialogue Fellowship

Scholars and publicists from Russia are invited to spend some months at the IWM in order to engage in a dialogue with the Institute’s community and the broader public as well as to develop or intensify their media presence in the West.
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