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Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde (1930-2019)


His deep commitment to IWM and the afterlife of his dictum A very few are privileged to have their name associated with a sentence that shapes the political sensibilities of a republic/nation. Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde will always be remembered for his famous dictum: “The liberal, secularized state draws its life from preconditions it cannot itself guarantee.” …
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Aid in Times of Crisis, the Crisis of Aid

Aid is still regarded as an important instrument for human development, nationally and internationally. Yet, the nature of aid, its structuring and implementation has changed considerably in recent years. It has been increasingly integrated into the financial and economic system, giving rise to a thriving new industry dealing in „social bonds“ and „social business“, thus in social profiteering.
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Principes de politique

[Benjamin Constant: Principy politiky] Translated into Czech by Hana Fořtová Paul Celan Visiting Fellow 2016 Benjamin Constant de Rebecque se narodil v Lausanne v protestantské rodině. Mládí strávil na cestách se svým otcem. Pobýval střídavě v Holandsku, Belgii, Německu a Anglii, v letech 1783–1785 studoval v Edinburghu. Určující pro něj bylo roku 1794 setkání s …
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Europe’s Futures Events

February 18-19 2019 Academic Workshop, London School of Economics Globalisation, Europe and the Democratic Crisis Organized by IWM and LSE 12 December 2018 Public debate, Warsaw, Poland How to Defend the Rule of Law and Human Rights within the EU and Outside Ewa Kulik-Bielińska (director of Stefan Batory Foundation), Piotr Buras, Gerald Knaus, Adam Bodnar …
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Globalisation, Europe and the Democratic Crisis

A two-day, invitation-only academic workshop at the London School of Economics, organised by IWM and LSE 18th – 19th February 2018 In the globalisation era a radically more integrated international community of states has come into being. From climate justice to migration, technological change and poverty, the major questions of the twenty-first century cannot be …
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Europe’s Far Right on the Rise: Defending Democracy, Promoting Alternatives

European polities are facing a challenge from the far right unprecedented in the post-WW2 era. This new fascism is well financed, transnational and intent on turning the clock backwards on democracy, human rights, and the freedoms of minorities. They also often promote climate change denial at this dangerous moment for the ecological future of our planet, wrapping this up in a narrative of opposition to ‘experts’ and ‘elites’.
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Ausstellung von Svätopluk Mikyta: Die Monochrome. Überdenken der Vergangenheit, Interpretation der Gegenwart

In Kooperation mit dem Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen zeigt die Knoll Galerie Wien in den IWM Räumlichkeiten eine Werkauswahl des slowakischen Künstlers Svätopluk Mikyta, aus seiner Serie „Die Monochrome“. Eröffnung: 12. Februar 2019 [Details] Ausstellungsdauer: Februar bis Mai 2019 Ort: Stiegenhaus des IWM Besuch: im Rahmen der allgemeinen Öffnungszeit (8:30-14:30), auf Anfrage oder …
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McMafia and the Geopolitics of Crime

Organized crime is part of all our worlds—often without us even knowing. In our times of the return of geopolitics Misha Glenny renowned author and journalist will present and discuss the deep and intricate connections in the world of international organized crime and how these developments affect today’s politics and societies.
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Trojanow trifft: Nestor Machno – Erinnert Euch an mich!

Nestor Machno – der große Unbekannte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Von der sowjetischen Geschichtsschreibung zum Banditen degradiert, von den Anarchisten in aller Welt als Held, als ukrainischer Che Guevara verherrlicht, hat er mit seinen Freischärlern den Ausgang des russischen Bürgerkriegs entscheidend beeinflusst. Der Schauspieler Mark Zak, selbst in der Ukraine aufgewachsen, hat über diesen Rebellen und die Bewegung eine dramatisierte Lesefassung aus den Stimmen verschiedener Zeitzeugen zusammengestellt.
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